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Terrible Staff and employees, very disrespectful CEO
They don't respect appointments, they are very impolite, and very old building, doesn't look like a decent company at all! i mistakenly submitted my CV, thinking that its a decent company, the CEO almighty called me and was very disrespectful, he doesn't even negotiate about the given appointment from up above, according to him i should not have plans in my life and just wait for his holy call, ANYWAY, i went there to give it a try because you can't judge a book by its cover, i came 15 min earlier, they made me wait 40 MINUTES to tell me at the end that the CEO almighty have other plans, and they wouldn't even tell me that until i asked! AND, This case also happened very similarly to a close friend! So, both of us, we left!

as for the company itself, they don't have an HR, only secretaries that don't even do their work properly, and laugh loudly in the kitchen instead of giving us a notice to what's happening...

i literally felt that i was in the "hareem al sultan" series, meeting the "sultan" to hire me as his slave! HELL NO, keep dreaming bitch!

SO PLEASE STOP CALLING POEPLE AND WASTE THEIR TIMES, we have better things to do than giving a fuck about your nonsense arrogance, and that was clear just by a phone call and an attempt of an interview, what would i discover if i actually worked there, HAH!

hope this review save other people's lives! GOOD LUCK!
thanks, I was reading about the company before applying for a job