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Too Quick, confusing & destroyed my skin
Nader Saab and his team does not reply in a reasonable time, very slow.

I went to him, he was in a hurry and i didnt understand much than i just put My trust in him.. he gave me some injections that actually made holes in My body 6month after the treatment.. im deeply dissapointed and sad. I need to get fat injection in the area to try to get My skin back to normal.

Very expensive and he mention as many of Your flaws to make more money.
my experience is awesome, he's very good an talented with high experience
satisfied and wont change from him
My experience with Dr. Nader saab was disappointing. He is very commercial that is trying to sell you everything. My nose job cost me usd 8,000!!! I thought paying more will make the results better. Unfortunately, my nose went wrong and it does not look natural at all. I am planning to do my correction with Dr. Naji Abou Chebel who looks more genuine, professional, reasonable and honest. He promised me that my results will be 100% perfect... Let's see ya rub... I got to know that Nader Saab is not the one who does the nose job, he get someone to do them but he does not inform you!!! Honestly, this make sense because the last thing i remember myself was in the lift, i did not see the doctor more than 5 minutes before my surgery... I was shocked but honestly i was misled by the media which is our main problem in the region that he is the best... Then i researched a bit about his technology on doing the nose job with laser and i found out that this does not exist for such surgery but some plastic surgeon use it to market themselves or as a marketing tool!!! (Please google it by yourself)!!! I am very disappointed and i want people not to fall on same mistakes and don't trust this guy!!! I have checked with some media guys and i noticed he paid for these integrations, so all his media is paid and not earned!!! Why a good doctor needs advertising or marketing!!! I work in marketing and i do advertise my brand when it is not selling or is loosing equity! I hope my comment will help others! #nadersaab #lebanon #dubai #paris #kuwait #qatar #justice #ministryofhealth #waelabufaaour #lebanonhospitals #mydubai #healthdubai #courtlebanon #courtdubai #aljadeed #futuretv #orangetv #sawtaljabal #mtvlebanon #nbn #tayyer #lebaneseforces #nosejob